1timesolar installation 2kwp bulawayo
5kva Solar System for Lights, two Televisions, SIde by Side refridgerator, 15 indoor lights, 10 outdoor lights, phones, laptops and printer.
3kva system
3000watt inverter

Lights, TV, laptops, phones and upright dispenser refridgerator

Lights, TV, laptops, phones and upright dispenser refridgerator

3kva Backup system for Lights, TV, laptops, phones and refridgerator.

5kva MPPT Off-grid solar system for lights, 2 televisions, refridgerator, phones and laptops
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Zimbabwe Solar Specialists

When you need your Project done right the first time

Who are we?

  • Local fully registered Bulawayo based Business
  • Class One Electricians (Westgate industrial training centre)
  • Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) Certified Solar Photo-voltaic system installers
  • National Certificate in Electrical Power Engineering (Bulawayo Polytechnic College)
  • Registered Private Limited Company (PLC)

We do sales, supply and Installation of:

  • Light and TV solar systems
  • Lights, TV and refrigerator solar systems
  • Solar powered pumping solutions